About Me

I started having issues with my weight in my early teens.  I simply loved gooey rich desserts!  It’s like my mouth became a lit-up pinball machine whenever I ate something sweet.  In my early 20’s, I realized I was growing course black facial hair and only made it worse when I went to get it waxed.  It came back faster than “normal” and multiplied.  So now I was heavy AND hairy.  Lovely.

It took many years for me to find out that I had a hormonal disorder called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  My weight, facial hair and a myriad of other symptoms was blamed on that.  But there was another issue lurking in my future.  A Food Allergy {cue the horror music}.  More health problems, more weight gain.  Finally it was found out that wheat was not my friend.

I’m trying to make a long story short for any one reading this.  I managed to lose 25 pounds just from eliminating wheat from my diet.  It wasn’t a choice.  It was a MUST.

Life was good.  I remarried and managed to lose another 20 pounds!!!  Whoo hoo!

But life changed.  It got hard and scary.  I gained back the 25 and have been flirting with gaining back MORE!  {gulp}.  So I’m on a mission to change that…more about this in a moment.

Why did I name this blog The Fat Sister?  I have 3 older sisters.  They have all been healthy and thin.  My oldest sister is now facing the same demon FAT now though.  She once told me that “she didn’t want to be the fat sister” when I was looking like I would weigh less than her.

Ouch.  That’s how they nicknamed me in their minds.  Me.  The short baby of of the bunch.  I’m The Fat Sister.

BUT I don’t wanna be anymore.

Goal:  Lost 50 pounds before I turn 50!

I hope you will cheer me on.


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