6 Months to go!

I am guilty of being a procrastinator as you can plainly see here with my goal.  I don’t have any excuses except I wasn’t mentally ready to do this – this thing being to lose weight.  50 Pounds was a lot to lose.  I did lose 10 pounds and have managed to keep that off but I know I could just as easily put it back on with my bad habits.

My bad habits could get me diagnosed with diabetes too.  So with the realization that I made this goal to lose 50 pounds before I turn 50, it is quite shocking to know that my 50th birthday is 6 months from today!

Last week I noticed a book at my online library’s website called The High Metabolism Diet.  I downloaded it to my Kindle and read almost the entire book in one sitting.  I strongly considered this plan before I realized it’s similar to Somersizing but HMD was more complicated.  Since I Somersized back when Suzanne Somers sold her first book Eat Great and Lose Weight, I decided to do her plan instead of HMD.

I didn’t need my plan to be complicated since I’m working 10 hour days now for my summer schedule.  I want my food to be delicious and it is.  It’s simply meal combining and mostly low-carb.

I started my morning with a fruit smoothie.  I had to wait one hour before eating cheese eggs scrambled with onions and red pepper.  I will definitely be eating a lot more veggies than I have been so that is another plus for this way of eating.

I went to the grocery store and bought things to make smoothies, a pizza casserole and a Mexican casserole dish.  That will help with what to have at work along with some delicious salads.  My only deviation from Somersize is my plan to drink my Zevia cola once a day.  This drink came out since her books and it’s made with a natural sweetener Stevia.  I don’t believe it will hurt my weight-loss.



I know I’m on the right path to lose weight in a healthy way for me.


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