Wiping the dust off my blog

I haven’t posted in a very, very long time.  I was stagnant and not doing anything about my weight.  But that was then and this is NOW.

It’s officially Spring in my part of the world and that always inspires me to be healthier.  I weighed on Friday and I haven’t gained or lost since I was being accountable on a weekly basis.  That is good news for the most part.  I tweaked my lower back on Friday morning so that has slowed me down and made me open my eyes again to the fact that I’m not taking care of my body so how can I expect my body to take care of me?

Today – March 30, 2014 – I walked 3 laps around the inner courtyard of my apartment complex.  It was rainy and chilly but I didn’t want to do the treadmill inside the fitness center.  Fresh air and my own pace.  I also downloaded the free app Step Counter 2.0.

Here’s my screenshot – it may not be that impressive but I’m just getting started!





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