Happiness with alternative food choices

It’s been 2.5 months since I’ve eliminated sugar from my life.  I have suffered no ill effects whatsoever and am convinced that this was a necessary life change.  I still enjoy sweets but they are made with alternative sweeteners – honey, agave and coconut or palm sugar.

The good news is that my erratic blood sugar problems have stabilized.  The even better news is that I’ve lost 8 pounds since I started my full-time job!  It seemed effortless because I wasn’t trying!

I don’t snack as much as I used to thanks to working more hours.  That also means that the hours I spend as a couch potato have decreased as well. {smile}

Also, I’ve been a fan of Zevia soft drinks for a while.  When we moved last year I searched all of our local grocery stores for this zero sugar favorite of mine with no luck.  A local store was listed on Z’s website as a source but they didn’t carry it.  I am thrilled that I contacted the store manager with my request and now they are stocking it.  I know he didn’t understand how thankful I was when he called with that news but it’s the little things that add up to big things!

2013-10-24 11.08.28 (480x800)

Have a great weekend!


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