Weekly Recap

Hello Fat Sister Readers!  I promise I haven’t forgotten the blog but I’ve been so busy lately because I got hired full-time where I’ve been temping!  That is great news for our finances and apparently my number on the scale!

I had been working 22 hours a week.  This week is the first I’ve worked full time in more than a year and a half!!!  It’s been a major adjustment for me to think about packing a gluten-free meal each day and plan for any dips in my blood sugar though out the day.  So far so good!  There is a huge benefit I’ve noticed that there is no time to snack.

I continue to use coconut sugar in my coffee along with coconut milk to lighten it.  I’m basically eating a small breakfast because I have to eat an early lunch at 11:00 before going into the office.  Then I eat dinner there.  I’ve come home and enjoyed a bit of So Delicious Coconut Milk ice cream before bedtime.

I was surprised and pleased to see my weight has gone down this week.  I have stopped obsessing over the scales (who am I?) but got on yesterday wondering and yes!  There was a loss.  Just from having more stability with my food.  I’m not low-carbing or following any plan.  I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing – moderation and no sugarcane.

Have a great weekend!


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