My Quest – being proactive

Has it really been that long since I posted here last?  Time flies and it gets away from me.

I don’t have any weight loss to share.  None.  Why?  Because I’m trying to resolve the why’s and what for’s and fix them.

The sad truth is that the diet industry is a sham.  I have spent thousands looking for the solution and the cure.  But the answers are inside of me.  I’m the solution.

My last posts were about eliminating sugar cane from my diet.  I have been successful up to this point and I feel like this is a lifetime change.  I even survived the devil on my shoulder last week encouraging me to buy a soda (gulp) or some “real ice cream.”  Making the sign of the cross here people – Devil get back from me!  Let me add that there are alternatives – there is a soda and an ice cream (Zevia – just expensive and not local to me AND there is a delicious coconut milk ice cream at our 2 grocery stores – yay! Several flavors don’t have cane sugar but agave as a sweetener).

My oldest sister commented recently that she didn’t know how I had the willpower to do that sugar-free thingee.  Umm, its not like I’m not enjoying sweets.  There are substitutes out there for EVERYTHING!  I’m using coconut (palm) sugar for my coffee.  I bake with agave and will use coconut sugar depending on the recipe.  It’s just like my allergy to wheat – it’s taken YEARS for products to be developed and mass produced for my alternate need but there are substitutes for wheat.

I just wanted to report that I’m continuing with my healthy alternatives in order to become healthy.  Living the “making life changes” instead of short-term dieting is healing a lot of problems physically.

The thought I want to leave you with today is if you have a specific food that triggers you to overeat – open your mind to the fact that you may be allergic to it and it’s not lack of willpower that causes you to binge.  Be proactive and pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

I ignored all of the signs of my allergy to wheat until my body wouldn’t let me swallow it anymore!  Literally!  I have opened my eyes to the effects that eating cane sugar was causing to me – brain fog, depression, cravings and over-eating…  Now I’m researching the vitamins and minerals that my body is deficient due to these same problems – why am I so tired all of the time?  Why does my body ache?

My quest continues…


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