Great quote to share

From:  Bill Phillips Transformation

I’m not against aging… I’m against getting old.

Doesn’t that just say it all!

I am starting my alternate sugar lifestyle today!  I purchased some agave packets for my coffee and added almond milk to lighten it up.  It was OK.  My tastebuds have been blown out with so much sugary foods lately that it will take some time to adjust to things being less sweet.  I know there is a lot of controversy about agave out “there” but I have used it successfully for several years now to help my hypoglycemia and it doesn’t make my blood sugar spike so I’m ok with it.

Ray purchased a bag of coconut sugar at Walmart last night.  I haven’t used it before but it’s a very popular low glycemic sweetener alternative.

Being a gluten-free girl, I have used almond meal/flour for several years for breakfast baking and treats.  I’m going to order coconut flour later this week as another delicious alternative for my baked goods.  I’ve used it before and it makes amazing biscuits!  Doesn’t sound like “diet food,” huh!


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