Making little changes

Of all of the times I’ve “dieted” before, I was most successful when I low-carbed and let’s face it successful isn’t really true is it…since I’m right back here on a mission of weight-loss again!

I’ve been as heavy as 225 when I found out I was allergic to wheat and I slowly lost down to 185.  I met my husband-to-be who mistakenly encouraged me to drink Diet Coke instead of the real thing and I quickly got addicted and my doctor told me the diet soda was a quick train to diabetes (go figure!).  It agitated my hypoglycemia fierce.  So I’ve struggled over the years but I’m finally free of diet soda.  Did I mention my addictive personality?

During the last few years there has been progress with gluten-free bread being widely available and isn’t it ironic that once I stated eating it I got wider?  Darn carbs.  But I had dreamed of eating bread again and for the most part it was tasty – dry but tasty.

The yo-yo scale went down to as low as 172.  I’m just sad looking back at that because it was hard work and I let it go.  It gradually creeped back up again to where I am now because I was sad and depressed so I used potato chips and lots of sandwiches to numb the pain.

So back to these little changes…I’m walking (every day is my goal) to strengthen my back and to get my metabolism going again.  I’ve been trying to swipe fries for salad or coleslaw.  I’m trying to not eat an entire bag of chips but just put a few on my plate.  I’m not following a diet plan right now – just trying to eat healthier.

These little changes are significant for me because I’m trying to think long range (for life) instead of short term (big loss on the scale).

So I’m heading down to the treadmill for 27+ minutes now.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


Thanks WRR for mentioning Bill Phillips site:)



4 thoughts on “Making little changes

  1. You’re definitely on the right track. It is those little changes that add up and make a difference. I smiled when I saw a quote from Bill. He definitely has the right idea.

  2. Nice quote! The antidepressant effect of exercise is for real! But I have to say, I had to exercise for a couple of months before I started to like it. Before that it just made me sweaty and annoyed. Little changes for the win! 😉

    • You are very right it’s a great anti-depressant and I’m not loving it yet. I used to work out after work (way back when I was serious) now I’m on the treadmill in the morning and working later, go figure:)

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