Shaking off discouragement

I have had some highs and lows this month.  I dread getting on the scale tomorrow but I’m going to face that evil beast.

The Highs – I walked on the treadmill every day for 2 straight weeks!  Then 2 days last week and I walked again today.  My back didn’t hurt as bad during my period as it did last month and I have to believe that’s because of walking.

The Lows – I didn’t walk every day for the entire month.  I became discouraged with the scale and gave up the idea of my food plan.  I’ve been back on “the soda kick.”

My goal for August is to walk EVERY DAY!  I want to increase my time on the treadmill every week!  By the end of the month I want to add walking up the stairs several times a week!  This makes me cringe that I’m writing that out but I have been a slug for so long now that I have to push myself to move my body more.

2013-07-30 09.08.23 2013-07-30 09.09.13 2013-07-30 09.35.15 2013-07-30 09.37.05


I’m also going to read Don’t Let an Old Person Move Into Your Body by Jim Donovan.

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