Exercising with a 92 yr old

I live in a senior community that has a pretty nice fitness room.  Today is day 9 of me walking on the treadmill, yay.  Every morning so far it’s just been me with my mp3 player but today a gentleman came in.  He got on the recumbent exercise bike and engaged me in conversation.  Turns out he is 92 years old!  I was amazed and wouldn’t have guess him over 80.  He said he bikes several times a week for 20 minutes but can’t manage too much time on the treadmill.  I laughed and told him I probably couldn’t do 20 minutes on that bike!

I realize that all of the years that I’ve been a couch potato have hurt me is so many ways.  I’m glad to have that fitness center nearby and I am happy that I am making walking a new habit that I want to keep for my lifetime!

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


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