My blog header gives me ideas

Happy Friday everyone!

I love the header of this blog – an elephant, giraffe, a hippo and a zebra.  Since my title is The Fat Sister and I am one of 4 girls in my family that means one animal for each of us, lol.

I started to wonder which animal represents me and I had to google the obvious question:

Which is heavier, a hippo or an elephant? – Yahoo! Answers

Oct 4, 2007 – The elephant… 1. Elephant (up to 6800 k) 2. Hippopotamus (up to 3600 k)
So I’m the elephant or pachyderm as I like to call them, my sister Judy would be the giraffe, I’m sorry Bren but you have to be the hippo since you are next to the heaviest and Debbie would be the zebra.  Bren is the sister that I am closest to and she’s the one that brought the fat sister comment to my attention a few years ago.
This is what happened: I was on “my plan” and told Bren that I was losing weight.  Meanwhile, she had started gaining a lot of weight and would eventually be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  She said “oh no, if you lose weight then I will be the fat sister.”  It’s not like she meant to hurt my feelings or piss me off.  She did both but I forgave her.  But it has stuck obviously.
The truth hurts obviously.  I am still the fat sister after all of these years.  It’s been about 4 years since she said it but  I am finally doing something about it!

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