Enjoying music while walking

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I’m lucky that Thursday is really my Friday with my job:)  Tomorrow I will be off and visiting my family and friends back home. But I will walk on that treadmill again in the morning before I drive away.

Tomorrow will be a week that I’ve been eating “on plan” and I’m skeptical that I will see any results on the scale just yet.  I have used my calculator and determined that I can lose 2.7 pounds a month to reach my goal of 50 pounds by age 50.  I remember many other weight-loss “attempts” that I tried in the past that gave me a huge loss the first week.  I realize that I will not see the same results tomorrow.

I’m not being down about it but I know that I have hormonal challenges now that I didn’t have before.  I also eat dinner later on the days that I work because I don’t come home until after 8.  But 2.7 pounds monthly is realistic and sets a really low bar that I can hopefully lose more than that once I crank up my metabolism.

It’s ok to be the turtle in this race.  Ultimately, I want to keep the weight off for good.  So I will be incorporating more good habits as I go along.

Just like this morning, I forced breakfast down and grabbed my phone and earplugs and went downstairs to the fitness room. I started my Amazon Music Player and enjoyed some great music while I walked my 23 minutes (walking a minute more everyday so far).  Some songs just make me feel more energetic and I’m glad that they are on my player.  Do you have any favorite songs that really help you keep the momentum going?  Please share so I can download them:)

The Fat Sister is signing off for now.  Hope you have a wonderful day!



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