Wishes and Reality

I’m reporting Day 5 and still no movement on that tricksie scale.  Ugh.  I allowed myself to feel down about that for a few minutes then my husband talked me up again.  He would be a great life coach and I’m lucky he’s mine and he’s free!

I have played tricks on my body several times this year by going on my plan and then stopping after less than 2 weeks.  I think my body is taking revenge for all of those other times.  My body doesn’t realize that I’m working in a stable environment now and we aren’t planning to move again anytime soon.  That helps me focus on ME.


 But as I was jamming out while walking on the treadmill, I realized that my body is like an abused child.  I’ve been leading a very sedentary lifestyle and shoveling chips and ice cream in my mouth whenever I was sad, confused or lonely.  See I don’t adapt very well at all to change.  My life has been on a crazy roller coaster of change for about 3 years now.  But things are settling down.

I can wish that I never allowed myself to gain back the 25 pounds I lost in 2011.  I can wish that I hadn’t gained another 10 pounds on top of that.  But that is the past and I’m in the present.  At least I know I can do this since I did it before.

But I can still wish I could throw that dang scale out of this 3rd story window.

Progress report:  Walked for 22 minutes today to some awesome music – mood happy.


2 thoughts on “Wishes and Reality

  1. I can definitely understand your frustration with the scale. However, they recommend not weighing yourself more than once a week. Our bodies naturally fluctuate and the stress of waiting for the scale to move (or watching it move in the wrong direction) doesn’t help our weight loss goals. Good luck!

    • I am keeping a daily log of food, exercise and weight. I found it helpful 2 years ago because I can see the trending effect of certain foods. It is harder when there is no movement at all but I know there are plateaus – just having a hard time starting my metabolism again. I appreciate your comment very much. Good luck to you also:)

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